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Monday 26 October 2020      06:43 AM
Rajasthan Computer Traders Association ,known as RCTA is an association of IT enterpreneurs of Rajasthan that works to create and sustain an environment conducive to growth of IT industry in Rajasthan. With over 200 members and partnering industry through advisory and consultative process, RCTA has been a facilitator and catalyst working closely with Government on Policy issues, enhancing efficiency, competitveness and expanding business opportunities through assorted services. The Association is having headquarters in Jaipur and members spread all over Rajasthan.
Since inception, RCTA has become the nodal agency responsible for growth and development of IT industry and has emerged as most important IT forum in Rajasthan. It has successfully created an ambience conducive to the growth of the Industry and trade in this region. RCTA is a non-profit organization, playing a proactive role for the development of IT trade and to maintain harmony among all.
RCTA is an Apex body representing Computer Traders in Rajasthan. It has played a pivotal role in ushering an IT revolution in this region. Specially the Hardware business. RCTA has now grown into the new diva of hope and driving force behind Computer business in this region. The growing footprint of RCTA has witnessed a significant growth of Computer Industry in this region.
Objectives of RCTA:
  • To bring all Computer traders on one platform from across Rajasthan and to work for common causes and interests and development.
  • To organize various  Exhibitions, Road Shows, Seminars for the growth of Computer Industry in Rajasthan
  • To organize various member events for strong bonding among members, vendors and distributors
  • To formulate and implement ethical Trade guidelines for this Industry for smooth trade and growth of all members, vendor and distributors and to maintain harmony in system
  • To be an interface with Government for growth of trade and also to formulate practical policies and rules related  to Computer Trade 
  • To link with Other Association to address common issues and interest areas at National level.
Functioning of RCTA:
In order to accomplish above objectives; an Executive Body  of 6 Office bearers ( President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and PRO ( Public Relation Officer( are elected by inviting nominations and holding elections  from General Body comprising of all members .
The Executive Body can further frame Executive Council or Sub-Committee’s to define and execute various tasks towards above objectives.
RCTA Executive Body is Governed by RCTA constitution duly approved by GBM.
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